Go Get Some Kickass K-Swiss Kicks On A Discount!

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Have you noticed once it’s summer you just fall back on one or two pair of your favourite kicks? Visiting all those friends, nights out and festivals put them through there freshly washed spirits way too soon! But then there’s that feeling of sneaking around for a new pair or two… Not to worry, we’ve been there and it’s not you or your deserted pair of old sneakers. I’ts that summer feeling! Can’t really help it but brands do know this. They know it’s your weak spot.

Californian tennis heritage

We love discovering new sneaker brands but somehow, when it comes to a fresh pair of kicks, we always seem to fall back (or fall in love…) with the more well known names. With a reason of course. K-Swiss has a long history and it’r roots are in tennis, one of our favourite sports. K-Swiss was founded in 1966, when two Swiss brothers moved to California to create a footwear brand focused on tennis. As avid skiers and tennis players, the brothers took inspiration from leather ski boots to create a court shoe that supported the aggressive side-to-side movement of tennis.

K-Swiss kicks on a discount

Today, they make great fitness, tennis and everyday sneakers. We’re happy and proud to partner with K-Swiss on our blog and can therefore offer you an US Only 20% discount using our code KSWISSKICKS. Offer runs untill september 17th, so go on, and check it out US Only: 20% off all items, including sale

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