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Our Four Best Workout Accessories For Women

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Let’s admit it: getting to the gym can be tough. Between the stress of the work week and the temptation to binge the hot new series that just dropped on Netflix, it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise.

Luckily, as fitness wear has evolved from functional and plain to chic and stylish, some of us are looking to our closets to provide incentives to hit the treadmill. It’s much easier to get to a workout session if we’re excited about the opportunity to debut our cute new leggings. But while most of us have mastered the art of finding the perfect sports bra or hoodie, we’re not necessarily putting as much thought into the accessories that complete our gym looks. Here are four of the best workout accessories for women who want to be the best-dressed at their local fitness spot.

1. An Eye-Catching Gym Bag

Sometimes a trip to the gym requires a lot of extra swag, like hand weights, resistance bands, or a towel. And while we all have plenty of free tote bags and reusable shoppers lying around that can do the job, investing in a cute gym bag is an easy way to transport it all while still looking put-together.

2. An Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

By now, most of us should have figured out the importance of staying hydrated. But going through multiple plastic water bottles in a day is wasteful, both financially and environmentally. A better option? Invest in a stylish bottle that you can reuse for as long as you like. You can opt for a sleek metallic container or one made of glass with a candy-colored silicone sleeve.

3. A Chic Fitness Tracker

The ability to monitor our distance traveled, heart rate, and calories burned lets us maximize our workouts. These can be based on our specific goals, which makes a fitness tracker one of the best workout accessories for women. And while the earliest fitness wearables on the market were clunky and unattractive, newer models are streamlined and elegant and made of luxe materials like leather and natural wood.

4. A Colorful Headband

Nothing is more annoying than a faceful of sweaty hair while we’re trying to run, bike, or dance ourselves fit. Enter the sweatband, an ingenious device that keeps hair out of eyes and wicks away forehead sweat. Stylish headbands in fun prints are easy to find, and they’re much cuter than the ones our moms wore to step aerobics in the ’80s!

What about you? What do you consider to be the best workout accessories for women as of today? Please let us know in the comments! 

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