best workout accessories for men

Our Four Best Workout Accessories For Men

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The best workout accessories for men have often emphasized form over function. That does not have to be the case. Today’s best workout accessories for men let you have it both ways. Let’s take a look at examples of this gear.

Gym Bags

Today’s gym bags have come to incorporate many of the fabrics used in workout gear. You no longer have to stick to a nylon bag. This blueseventy Transition Bag may have been designed for triathletes, but it works great in the gym. It has a bottom compartment to keep your sweaty gear separate while containing a bevy of mesh and zipped pockets for water bottles, valuables and small electronics. We also like the fact it’s also small enough to double as a carry-on item for flights.

Fitness tracker watches

We think your watch should do more than tell you the time with a stopwatch function. How about the Surge fitness super watch from Fitbit? If it can be tracked, the Surge can handle it. It tracks your heart rate, steps, distance, activity minutes, downtime minutes and more. It does it all with multi-sport modes or automatically uses SmartTrack technology. It has an alarm and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone or computer to download statistics or even play your favorite song list.

High Performance Socks

Today’s socks do more than cushion your feet and provide a barrier between your feet and your shoes. A good example is Balega’s Hidden series of socks. The Contour version has a high thread count to provide durability and comfort, while adding three elasticized zones for support. Belaga also makes a blister resistant sock combining synthetic materials with soft mohair to resist friction-type blisters. There are also Comfort and Dry versions.

Multi-functional shoes

Whether you’re hitting the bench press or getting in some serious cardio, you can’t go wrong with Reebok’s Crossfit Nano 7 Weave shoes. The Nanoweave outer surface helps with a secure fit while providing plenty of comfort. The reinforced heel clip adds additional stability. The contoured sole gives even more support. The shoe gives you plenty of traction for rapid changes in direction. These shoes are not just for interval training. They can handle any kind of workout you can think of and do it with style. You can get them in multiple color combinations and sizes ranging from 7.5 to 14.

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