Activewear Jackets


Are you looking for great activewear jackets and want to zoom in on your selection? We’re here to help out.


First of all, make sure your activewear jacket is light enough to wear during workouts or running. You cannot always take your jacket off (especially outdoors) so when your material is light enough, you can make sure it doesn’t get in the way while exercising. Part of that is that the sleeves will fit perfectly and the fabric feels nice on your skin. The sleeves can’t be loose so that you won’t stay warm but can’t be so tight that you can’t move in them.

Fresh air

Second, let’s get some fresh air! Cool vents, strategically placed, can really benefit your thermic regulation which makes workout more fun.


Also, think safety: how does the traffic around you see you when you run in front of their cars or bikes? We know that finding reflective activewear jackets that you’d want to wear regularly in public is a really, really tough job. You want to be visible but maybe not look like a Boeing 747 would want to land anywhere near you, and maybe even wear it to some other occasions on the go. So do your best to find some reflective patterns that are a bit more subtle, but still enhance your safety.

Form and function

And last, but not least… think flattering design. Of course, this factor is very personal and we can’t really advise you on that other than that we think we have are working on selecting great blends of form and function.