Activewear Bras


Not wearing one is not an option

Whether you’re completing a yoga or pilates session or hitting the treadmill at the gym, a good sports activewear bra is essential when doing exercise. If you don’t wear one, the unavoidable bounce of your chest can damage breast tissue and leave you with breast and back pain. On top of this, the Coopers’ Ligaments that are found in your chest can be stretched or broken causing irreversible sagging, which no woman wants. So whether you’re doing high or low impact exercise, make sure a good quality sports bra is the first item you chuck in your gym bag.

Two main types of activewear bras

There are two main types: compression bras which look like crop tops and flatten your breasts against your chest, or ones that have in-built cups, looking much like your regular bra but made of more breathable material. Generally, compression bras are better suited to those with smaller breasts (A to B-cup) or if you’re doing low-impact sports. For everything and everyone else, a sports bra with in-built cups is favoured.