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women's fashion fitness clothing

The Best Women’s Fashion Fitness Clothing

As a woman, it can be difficult to find clothing to work out in. Most things that fit comfortably aren't very trendy, and the things that look good just aren't practical. The search may feel endless but there are answers out there. So where do you find those clothes that…
best workout accessories for men

Our Four Best Workout Accessories For Men

The best workout accessories for men have often emphasized form over function. That does not have to be the case. Today’s best workout accessories for men let you have it both ways. Let’s take a look at examples of this gear. Gym Bags Today’s gym bags have come to incorporate…
best workout accessories for women

Our Four Best Workout Accessories For Women

Let's admit it: getting to the gym can be tough. Between the stress of the work week and the temptation to binge the hot new series that just dropped on Netflix, it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise. Luckily, as fitness wear has evolved from functional and…
sports socks and sandals

Socks and Sandals… Anyone?

We found another great piece today by George Driver from Elle UK about the (re)introduction of the socks and sandals. And just to assure you, we are not talking  about the out-of-style, tour walking pensionado's. Be sure to check out this article if you want to make your heels winter…

Gear Up for Exploration With Vans X The North Face

Vans, well-known for their range of footwear and apparel for skaters, has joined forces with activewear and outdoor sports gear company, The North Face, to provide fans with a mix of rugged, outdoor sneakers and gear. The Vans X The North Face is set to allow you to get ready…

Olympic Fashion: Winning or Not?

A much shorter post this time because we want to give full credit to a great article from Vanessa Friedman from the New York Times. She wrote a very nice peace about Olympic fashion towards the upcoming Olympic Games in South Korea.  To summarize, Friedmann writes about the increasing number…

Volcom Opens First Store in Amsterdam

Thursday September 7th, American skateboard brand Volcom opened the doors of their first Dutch store location. The flagshipstore consisting of 120 square meters of shopping space is located at the Damstraat. A Brand in Search of Inner Peace Boardsports, music, art and film can create inner peace. That’s what the brand…

Victoria Beckham Has Announced a New Collaboration with Reebok

After successful partnerships with Estée Lauder and the American superstore Target, Victoria Beckham has announced a new collaboration with Reebok. The Reebok x Victoria Beckham collection is planned for late 2018, and will form a part of the sportswear giant’s Innovation Collective, with next autumn’s range expected to be the first…